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Katia Katunaric

Operations Technician

Katia joined Team Anchor in April of 2023 as an Intern and Administrative Assistant. In spring of 2022, she graduated from Sonoma State with a B.A. in Geography & Environmental Studies, with a concentration in Society & Development, and has a minor in Women’s & Gender studies. At the conclusion of her internship, Katia was offered a full-time position with Anchor as an Operations Technician where she supports both Project and Administrative teams. Outside of work, she enjoys being outdoors, eating, and doing aerial acrobatics.

She currently lives with her Grandparents in the South Bay Area and plans to move out into her own apartment by the end of the year.

How do you like working at ANCHOR so far?

I adore working at Anchor and am grateful to have landed a position at such an amazing company. I genuinely enjoy all the people who work here at Anchor and greatly appreciate having the opportunity to work at a Women owned and led firm. I am thrilled to continue learning the industry and supporting Anchor wherever is needed.

What are you enjoying most about the job?

I absolutely love to learn, and with not much direct experience in the Construction Industry, I am constantly learning something new and gaining new skills. I never want to be in a position where I remain stagnant, and I don’t ever see that being the case working at Anchor; there is always an opportunity to learn and improve.

What does AncHER mean to you?

AncHER means a foreseeable future where more women are given equal opportunity to lead, influence and collaborate in a majority male industry. The AncHER campaign signifies the value that female professionals bring to the construction industry, construction management and Public Works sector, and the power we hold to diversify it.

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