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Bisa Grant

President & CEO

Bisa is a dynamic business professional with over 15 years of progressive executive experience. Serving as CEO & President for, Anchor, her municipal construction and project management company, Bisa has developed proprietary operational strategies that have proven to enhance efficiencies and profitability across all areas of business. As a former Vice President of Anchor, Bisa succeeded in helping to grow the firm by more than 300% over a 7-year period.

Currently, she is spearheading new growth of the organization across new markets with the 5-year goal of accessing over $100M in new revenue opportunities while enhancing diversity, equity and inclusion across all areas of business. To accomplish these goals, she is using aggressive business strategies, including networking with new private clientele, building new smart partnerships and tapping into new talent pools. Bisa is a former professional and collegiate All-American track and field athlete. She is a UCLA alum and has an MBA.

The oldest of five siblings and a mother of four girls, family is the most important aspect of her life. She is a nurturer. A Bay Area native, born and raised in Oakland, California, Bisa is committed to community. She currently resides in Dublin where she is active in the Chamber of Commerce.

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