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Ainsley Jaques

Staff Engineer

Ainsley Jaques joined ANCHOR in October 2022 as a Staff Engineer/GIS Technician. Before coming to ANCHOR, she worked as an Assistant Engineer for a small engineering and design firm and later as a GIS Technician for a Bay Area tech company.

Ainsley grew up in Monterey, CA and graduated with a BS in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She now lives in San Francisco and has found community in local LGBTQIA+ social groups. Ainsley loves to travel and is always looking forward to her next opportunity to visit new places, meet new people, and welcome new experiences.

At ANCHOR, Ainsley is responsible for collaborating with the City of San Mateo on their Small Cell Wireless Program, reviewing permit applications, plans, and other documents for accuracy and completeness in order to move applications towards approval and construction. In addition, she assists on various GIS mapping tasks as needed for several other projects at ANCHOR.

How do you like working at ANCHOR so far?

I enjoy the work that I do and am grateful for new skills that I’ve been able to learn in this role. This has been my first opportunity to work with such a diverse team of dedicated professionals, and working at ANCHOR has allowed me to see a future for myself in this industry.

What does ANCHER mean to you?

ANCHER represents the promise of a better future for women and gender minorities working in the construction industry and related sectors. These industries shape the built environment, impacting how we move through and interact with the cities and towns that we live in. It is crucial that women and gender minorities are part of this work, in order to create an equitable future. Career opportunities should not be limited by gender, and ANCHER challenges everyone to look for concrete opportunities to turn this concept into reality.

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