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Natasha Ikponmwomba, PE, PMP, MBA

Senior Associate and Resident Engineer

Natasha Ikponmwomba, PE, PMP, MBA, is a San Francisco native with 15 years of engineering experience. She graduated from Cal Poly Pomona in 2009 with a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering and completed her master’s in business administration in 2019 from University of Arkansas, Grantham.  She obtained her professional engineering license in 2015 from the State of California.

Before joining ANCHOR in June of 2023, Natasha worked for the City and County of San Francisco for five years in structural design and construction management.  Her most notable project to date is the design of the light rail platform for the Chase Center Stadium, home to the Golden State Warriors.  Prior to that she worked for the United States Navy, in which she helped develop several prototype designs.  This job also afforded her the opportunity to travel to places such as Japan and Spain.

As a mentor, Natasha advocates for women in AEC. Her "never settle" attitude fuels roles in real estate, sports, acting, hosting, and writing, making her an inspiring industry role model.

Natasha began her journey into real estate investments in 2018 and has since acquired three properties.  She has been an athlete, an actress, a television host, and an author.  Her motto is to “never settle” and she continually strives to develop professionally and personally.  Her accomplishments include having one of her notable projects published in The Military Engineer magazine and serving as an anchor for Public Works TV. She has also been cast in a play.

In January of 2023, she and her husband welcomed their first child, a baby girl, her most important accomplishment to date.

What made you decide to become an Engineer?

I originally wanted to be an architect but when I got to Cal Poly Pomona, I played basketball so I could not major in architecture. Sometimes the architectural students had to stay in the studio 24 hours at a time and I couldn’t do that and practice and travel for games. So engineering went hand in hand. Once I went through the engineering program I enjoyed it and wanted to go into engineering instead. I am so happy I made that decision because I thoroughly enjoy my job.

What do you like about working at ANCHOR so far?

I love the culture! It has been great working in an environment where everyone is supportive. It truly feels like a family.

What does AncHer mean to you?

AncHer is special because it provides women a platform in a male-dominated industry. Often, it can be intimidating being the only woman in the room. AncHer offers the opportunity for women to thrive and just focus on doing great work.

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