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Catherine (Catie) Nelson

Construction Manager Intern

Catie joined Team Anchor in March of 2023 as our Construction Management Intern. Currently in her final year as a student at Cal State East Bay completing a degree in Construction Management. This is her second degree, her first is in Interior Design. Catie is applying what she is learning in school to projects at ANCHOR, supporting our CM with Construction Administration. Her passion for this industry comes from her family’s construction company that has been owned and operated by the family for three generations. Her mother was the Operations Manager of the family construction business for 30 years and encouraged her to pursue her degrees in Construction Management and Interior Design. 

She currently lives with her partner, Sam, in their first apartment on their own. They have a dog named Joni and two cats, Grey Cat (11), and Kylo (1).

How do you like working at ANCHOR so far?

I love working at ANCHOR. I have been working part-time jobs working with the public my whole life so to move to an office job is a nice change of pace. Everyone has been very welcoming and made me feel included as a member of the Team right off the bat. 

What are you enjoying most about the job?

I am enjoying the work because it is directly related to what I am learning in school. It is amazing to be able to apply it to real life situations from the classroom, to the field and back to the classroom. It is great to experience the proposal process and see how real resumes are used to get new work. Being included in Pre-Bid meetings and Project Meetings has been an incredibly valuable experience. 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

My goal is to own a construction company that also specializes in Interior Design. How I imagine it is, that I would oversee building the foundation and placing the last throw pillow on the couch.

What do you enjoy outside of work? How do you spend your free time?

Catie and her partner are part of the LGBT community. In their free time they enjoy playing strategic games together, taking their dog on walks, and binge watching the latest anime shows. 

What does ANCHER mean to you?

The Future because while there are woman in the construction industry, it is not commonly known.  Construction is a male dominated industry and each year more and more women join. There needs to be a spotlight for them and ANCHER does that. We are women and we are here. 

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